Smart Cities

Smart Cities

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Have you ever heard of the “smart cities”? Both in the case of an affirmative response as negative, Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors offers you all the necessary information for you to know the details of this very current and emerging concept.

In this way, a smart city, or intelligent city, can be described like a city that applies the information and communication technologies with the objective of provide it with an infrastructure sustainable.

With them It points to achieve an urban or territorial development that actively improve the quality of life of citizens, reconciling and satisfying the needs of both the companies and institutions and individuals, thanks to the widespread use of ICT, communication, mobility, energy efficiency and sustainable use of the environment and natural resources.

This concept include as much new projects as the adaptation of the current cities, this for the observance of the European treatment 20-20-20.

From a juridical perspective, we can say that our legal system and currently provides coverage and varied options to legally structure the creation of Smart Cities. The public procurement legislation already provides figures as the mixed contract, the special contract or the contract of collaboration between the public and private sector that may provide coverage for many of the complex projects in the environment of the Smart Cities. However, as in other sectors, it is necessary and advisable to work in the preparation and introduction of legal amendments to reduce to the minimum expression the difficulties that sometimes arise and suppose, also, an impulse for the implementation of these initiatives.

In regards to Spain, has created a National Plan For Smart Cities with a budget of 152, 9 million euros, having been published the last draft in March 2015. However, is necessary to increase the investment in this matter if we don’t want to find with serious management problems in the urban areas of the future. Malaga, in particular, has opted for the integration of renewable energy sources in electric network, with the objective of increasing efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

This is an issue that will have much relevance in a few years, which is why from the Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors team we invite you to inform yourself about how they can affect you these policies.

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