Practice Areas


We are supporting our clients with our comprehensive range of consulting services.
Our widespread knowledge and our experience in various markets, countries, companies and projects enable us to give personalized and competent advice to our clients.

Legal and tax consulting

Our goal is to reach a high level of legal security for our private and business customers by advising companies about the legal requirements they have to meet through preventive consulting.

We study and advise you about the legal and economic conditions in order to make the management of taxes more favourable and less burdensome. We furthermore develop techniques to minimize the tax burden within the existing legal environment.

Business, production and organizational consulting

Through a comprehensive analysis, including the identification of risks, legal and sectorial requirements and an analysis of your organisation’s productivity, we will help you identifying aspects about your company that bare room for improvement.

Cost analysis

Developing an economic analysis enables us to scale your costs and estimate your financial risks on a short-, medium and long-term basis.

Development of business, feasibility and strategy plans

Any entrepreneurial initiative should be preceded by the relevant study, to determine the feasibility and design the strategy that best suits the circumstances.

Consulting about markets, sectors of the economy and countries

We help companies in identifying new opportunities for business and investment and new countries to develop business activities.


We analyze the need for training in companies and provide them with our personalized services. Evolutiza furthermore organizes professional meetings to which we invite our clients in order to provide them with information about new markets, legal changes, industry-specific information and business and investment opportunities.


We advice companies how to manage risk increase profitability and create value. We work closely with our clients in order to help them manage their entrepreneurial risks, improve the performance of their operations and increase the chances for profitable transactions.
The issues we address:

  • Entry into new markets
  • Growth through acquisitions
  • Creation of value in major infrastructure projects
  • Transformation of business
  • Operational and financial restructuring
  • Corporate governance
  • Administration of organizational risks
  • Managing the regulatory environment

The operational advisory model is based on three main services: performance & technology, risk & compliance and transactions & restructuring. We furthermore have a team of highly skilled experts, specialized in the main sectors of the economy: energy, public sector and healthcare, financial, telecommunications and retail. They furthermore show a deep going knowledge of the markets in which our clients interact.

“The challenge for our company is to create a solid basis for sustainable growth and act as a role model for other Spanish advising companies in our sector and the countries we operate in. This shall be achieved by developing solutions that lead to success, by our multidisciplinary team”

Innovation and strategy

We advice our customers during the transformation of their businesses to increase profits as well as during the implementation of projects concerning strategy, processes and operations, finance, organization and changes in technological systems. We support the management board in times of growth and decline, during the integration and takeover of companies, acquisitions and necessary change processes.

Risk analysis & accordance

Appropriate risk management and facilitating the compliance of the current legislation is part of the business of each organization. Together with our clients, we focus on managing and minimizing entrepreneurial risks stemming from the objectives proposed.

Transactions & transformations

Evolutiza gives advice to its clients during M&A activities such as purchases and sales as well as changes of the legal structure or re-organization of corporate resources. We advice our clients in terms of design, market entry strategies, succeeding in the tender application process, creation of LOIs and NDAs, audit or due diligence, negotiating contracts, attending and implementing the signing of contracts.

Our Management, EVOLUTIZA Lawyers & Tax Advisors

All initiatives and business developments are finally articulated by projects. All projects are targeted procedures which will use time limited resources subject to requirements among the quality has to be considered.
Nowadays, our projects are growing, becoming more complex and multifunctional, and showing a defined need for integration of technical experts.

The Management of Projects and Investments which EVOLUTIZA carries out to fulfil its mission and considering its values, is defined by the planning, programming and the control of tasks that ease the successful achievement of the aim.

EVOLUTIZA is an organization that has become a portfolio of projects and procedures, characterised by a multidisciplinary nature of the teams that develop each project.

EVOLUTIZA knows that the projects require extensive planning and coordination. Its management is defined in a horizontal way between the different functional groups and individuals who are part of it. This kind of management increases communication and coordination.

In this way, EVOLUTIZA generates productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. We know how our colleagues, customers and partners work and thus how we have to interact with them.

At EVOLUTIZA we have the opportunity to act as generators of corporate change and of the corporate quality, developing an essential evaluation of the financial justification of each project.

For EVOLUTIZA each project is a unique activity and a definitive opportunity of success.

The way we work, EVOLUTIZA Lawyers & Tax Advisors

Our consultancy firm, advising and legal and tax management

  • Corporate Law and Comercial Contracts
  • Merges & Acquisitions
  • Debt Claims, restructuring and insolvencies
  • Administrative Law
  • Financial Law and Stock Market
  • Internationalization of Companies. International and Competition Law. Intellectual and Industrial Property
  • Internationalization of Companies and International Trade
  • Insurance Law and Regulation
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property
  • Tax and Accounting law and Management
  • Law and Tax Management
  • Accounting Law
  • Labor Law and Human Resources
  • Criminal Law
  • Trial Counseling and Arbitration

The main sectors in which we operate

  • Energy and Environment Sector
  • Real Estate and Urban Law
  • Maritime and Transport Law
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Law
  • Information Technologies Law
  • Telecommunications and Audiovisual Law
  • Sports and Entertainment Law