Social Engagement

According to the Eighth Stipulation of its Corporative Policy and Code of Business Conduct

EVOLUTIZA is an active member of its environment and understands that one of the most important values which can be generated in the society is the one created towards the development of the acceptation of the Social Responsibility.

In this sense, the organization promotes and distributes any initiative directed towards the creation, the development and the initiation of initiatives which protect and fortify the equality of opportunities of the society, the possibilities of access to the education, the development of the individual talent provident to the service of the society, the defence and the distribution of the art and the culture, the formation and the recuperation of the values on the part of the most disadvantaged people as well as the access to workplaces.

Therefore, EVOLUTIZA donates 0,7 % of its annual gross offset to projects and initiatives of Social Services. Nevertheless, the organisation within its corporative liberty recognizes its capacity of election which has to be materialised through proposals done to the Commission of Direction.