Spain after Executive-Law 1/2012

Spain after Executive-Law 1/2012

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EVOLUTIZA Lawyers & Tax Advisors will present on 16th February in Madrid the legal and economic implications in the photovoltaic industry and the rights that protect developers and investors involved.

The entering into force of the new Executive-Law to proceed to the suspension of pre-allocation procedures and the removal of economic incentives introduces a new stage in renewable energy field that will make necessary to renew the business activities. In order to expose the legal and economic implications, as well as showing an overview of the sector’s future, both in Spain and in international markets, Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors will conduct a professional meeting as a forum for the exhibition of the new stage in the renewable energy sector, which will set out the rights that protect investors and developers involved, the liability of the administration, the industry’s future and the future policy, and new lines of business and international markets interesting for the Spanish company.

The meeting will be held on 16th February, at 11:00 at the Hotel Eurobuilding (c / Padre Damián, 23, Madrid) and will be conducted by lawyers and consultants specialized in renewable energy.





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