Photovoltaic after the Executive- Law 9/2013

Photovoltaic after the Executive- Law 9/2013

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On July 24, our office organized in the company headquarters of SECARTYS in Madrid, a conference about the regulatory framework for solar photovoltaic energy after the approval of the Executive-Law  9/2013.The appearance of the new Executive- Law which approves the energy reform measures removing the regulated tariffs of renewable energy, and creates the Registry of personal use of electricity energy, introduce a new scenario, front which will be necessary to renew approach business of the energy sector.

In order to make an analysis of the legal and economic modifications, as well as displaying a view of the future of the sector, both in Spain and in international markets, EVOLUTIZA Lawyers & Tax Advisors specialized in renewable energies sector both domestic and international, has made this professional meeting, which took place in Madrid.

In that meeting was made reference to various issues, highlighting four points highly relevant to be taken into account when dealing with this matter:

1º. New legal scenario, it mean, rules that have been affected, the retroactivity that characterizes it, as well as legal and economic implications that after the approval of the RDL 9/2013, has been produced.

2º. Complaints to the Administration, about the possibility of claim for patrimonial liability for damages incurred after the approval of the Executive-Law.

3º. Future and the sector’s transformation, focusing this point in two main lines, legal future on the one hand and on the other hand, the future of the sector,  repercussion and new business lines.

4º. International markets, emphasizing the countries and most interesting markets for Spanish companies in the field of photovoltaic energy.


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