Take a view on our blogs

Take a view on our blogs

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Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors Spain, Chile, El Salvador, Peru, United Kingdom and Switzerland Take a view on our blog… do you want to know from us? So us from you, take a view on our blogs:

#evolutízate on legal news, technology and innovation. Lawyers at the cutting edge, experts in industry, being passionate about enterprises,  merger & acquisitions and corporate and contracts

#fiscalízate on taxation, linked transactions and transfer pricing. We are experts on fiscalidad internacional international taxation and referral firm of choice on transfer pricing reports and linked transaction policies… we are meant to taxation and international trade

#latinoamérica devoted to enterprises and international trade. We are passionate about Latin America, with blawyers and tax advisors in Chile, Peru and El Salvador we are trail-blazers in business between Europe and Latin America

#evolutisation our Unitd Kingdom branch blogs, lawyers on the same boat!

We are specialists in corporate, contracts, mergers & acquisitions, taxation, transfer pricing and labour law We are mad about to be your lawyer

Let us know from you on 0034 911 697 113 or mailing to info@evolutiza.com

Be strange but don´t be a stranger!!!

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