Novel food

Novel food

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The fast technological progress and globalization also affect alimentary sphere. New products are appearing in Europe constantly, because they arrive at our boundaries for the first time, or they have been created with the most innovative techniques, but, what are we exactly talking about when we say “novel food”?

Novel food concept arose in European legislation in the Regulation (EC) No 258/97 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 1997. This Regulation stated that these food or dietary supplements are those which had not been consumed significantly by humans before 15 May 1997.

The objective is to avoid any product commercialization if they are injurious to public health, nutritional disadvantageous or could mislead consumers.

There are 2 controversial points in this regulation:

  • The first trouble is closely linked to technological advance: cloning processes have to be included in the legislation, which has to be adapted. This discussion appeared in 2011, when the Council was asked to present a legislative proposal.
  • Authorization process, as well as those authorities which are responsible for request forms, supposed an improvable point too.

In 2013, a Regulation proposal appeared whose aim is to improve these aspects. It has not been until 10 June 2015 when the Council has presented the definitive transaction text, which contains Parliament’s emendations.

This regulation will make novel food commercialization faster and cheaper than up to now, in addition to administrative workload reduction and the request forms sending will be centralized. Besides, traditional food from third countries with a  25 years safe consumption history will have access to our market, and regulation will encompass products from cloned animals explicitly, so existing problems are solved.

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