Property market

Property market

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Nowadays Spain lives an improvement of the property market, which has suffered an important standstill during the last years and after the puncture of the building bubble.This has done a great echo in the comunity. Will the economy situation improve? And the poperty market?.

In a recent economic studies we can verify that the prices are raising as a result of an increase in demand because the investiment of developes which want to buy plots and star new projects.

Another element which has contributed to que improvement of this market is the employment´s increase although it has expandes precariouly. Therefore the wealth of families has produced an increase and the can buy more properties.

In addition the banking reorganisation has also contributed to the property dawn. Banks give more loans because people are more confident economically in spite of the interest of loans has felt.

The little improvement of the economy has been corroborated. There is growth estimate the GDT to 2017 for 3%. This combination of elements will make the property market to grow. However, this positive information is not the same when the property bubble bursted. There is a large demand of buying second homes, and this is an important piece of information to property merkat.

Natives and foreigners look for a settlement in “ Costa del Sol” or south of “ Alicante”. But is necesary to emphasire the foreign investment in pur country. This year the buying and selling by foreigners represent the 17 %. This information reflects the foreigns´ trust and the reactiveting of the land´s value.

Even so there are in Spain a lot of empty houses, exactly there are 400.000. Therefore the improvement of this sector has been marketd by a variable recovery. Although the no residencial merkat has grown, the residencial market is constant.

A property and competitive sector is good for the economy, but it can not commit the same mistakes that we commited in the past.

Therefore it is necesary to avoid an excesive building and the irresponsable concesion of mortgages should be stopped. In Evolutiza Abogados & Asesores Tributarios we inform you about the posible evolution of this sector and his consecuences.

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