Entrepreneurial visa: To stay or not to stay

Entrepreneurial visa: To stay or not to stay

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Hi there, today we bring you a post we shared in one of our blogs, evolutisation, the blog of our branch in London, take a view on it, or keep reading more here… Our lawyers are more than happy to help!

This is the original post we published in our UK blog evolutisation, maybe right now is a good chance to keep an eye on it!

“Why don´t you come to figure out whether Spain is a interesting  place to invest or not, and finally you stay…that´s the fact, entrepreneurial visa for those with a good project and willing to work.


Our lawyers are willing to tell you that Law 14/2013 on Support of the Entrepreneurship and its Internationalization introduced a new specific framework for investors, entrepreneurs and qualified non EU nationals based on an agile and specialized system for visa and authorization concessions to attract foreign investment and talent, in order to foster economic growth and create jobs. This, coupled with the Law 25/2015 on the Second Opportunity Mechanism which introduced several improvements to this framework made Spain even a better place to come and work in.
Main benefits are:
• A single authorization for living and working valid anywhere in Spain.
• Freedom of movements within the Schengen member states.
• Streamlined processing: 10 days for visas and 20 days for residence permits, combined processing for spouses and children, procedures can be arranged through a representative.
Our lawyers are more than happy to help, but it is worth mentioning that ICEX Invest in Spain, a official organism focused in attracting foreign investment, is able to provide free, professional and confidential immigration information and consultancy services for companies, investors and entrepreneurs to obtain residence and work permits. Jointly, we can work together in order to lead you successfully.
Besides, there is a special residence permit, so called “golden visa”for investors who make significant investments in Spain: Real estate assets (€500,000); Companies shares, Investment funds or Bank deposits (€1 million); Public debt (€2 million), and Business projects of general interest.
But, what´s a business project of general interest? Contact us in order to learn more. 
Together or separated to this, there is an entrepreneur residence permit for foreigners intending to develop an innovative business or entrepreneurial activity with special economic interest for Spain.
Activities with special economic interest for Spain are provided by law each year, and it makes a vast bound of opportunities ellegible for receiving incentives. Our lawyers are fully engaged with this kind of procedures, and they are able to advise you on tax incentives and other preferential features.
Expats are very welcome in Spain, as it is provided a Highly Skilled Professional Residence, for companies hiring management staff, highly qualified professionals and graduates or postgraduates from universities and prestigious business schools, coupled with a Intra-Corporate Transferee Residence, For companies or corporate groups located in Spain or in another country transferring to Spain one or more foreigners to work or to carry out a professional training.
Joint to that, and most times (but not always) together, there is a R&D&i and Training Residence for private and public companies and other entities hiring researchers, scientific and technical staff and universities or business schools teachers to carry out training and research activities.
For over 30 years we have helped companies doing business in Spain and LATAM. For us you are not just one of the bunch, we are experts on bespoke solutions. We advice companies and entrepreneurs on corporate, mergers & acquisitions, finance law, contracts, taxation, transfer pricing, compliance, IP and labor law.
We are lawyers & tax advisors in Málaga, Madrid, Chile, Perú, El Salvador, United Kingdom and Switzerland offering quick solutions and expert advice. We are able to advise in more than 50 countries. At Evolutiza Abogados & Asesores Tributarios we all work for your business to be the key piece of  the big jigsaw.
Call us to  0034 911 697 113 or email us to info@evolutiza.com.es


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