Self-consumption: legal framework after the new regulation

Self-consumption: legal framework after the new regulation

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The past October 30, 2013 took place at the headquarters of Secartys in Barcelona, ​​a conference on Sel-consumption.

In it, EVOLUTIZA Lawyers & Tax Advisorsas a specialized in renewable energy office, addressed issue of regulation of Self-consumption, doing a brief review of existing regulation before, covering well the various Executive Law and Royal Decrees that have come being approved over the years for the regulation of Self-consumption and renewable energy in general; ending with the analysis of the new Executive Law 9/2013, which implements important changes.

As a summary, we note that the appearance of the new Executive Law introduces a new scenario against which it will be necessary to renew business approaches in the sector of renewable energy, as it involves a series of measures which strongly affect the rates available until now also emphasized the creation of a registry of Autoconsumo of mandatory inscription and the possible imposition of large fines for noncompliance.

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