Do you think Spain is worth to invest in? Our lawyers do

Do you think Spain is worth to invest in? Our lawyers do

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Our lawyers and branches, based in Spain and Portugal, besides London, Zurich and Sofia, give us the chance to be a European reference lwayers office in LATAM, with offices in Santiago, Lima, San Salvador and our correspondent associate
Here again, with a post from evolutisation!!!!


Our lawyers joint both shores of Atlantic, and we do not need to cross the pond, as we are there when you arrive. We feel definitely Iberoamerican, you know, because our branches in LATAM (look, El Salvador, Chile, Perú) and we are absolutely proud to be the European Iberoamericans, as we are based in Spain and Portugal.

And now the question is: Spain is worth to invest in?
Absolutely so, of course yes.
Spain is outperforming in Eurozone recovery scenario. Now tax rates are lower than before and we have created a legal framework in order to attract investment. In some other post we told you about new advantages of REIT and Security Holding Companies in Spain, for instance, here or here.
As tax on saving dropped, consumption ratio is increasing, and more money for the locals means more money for shareholders, consumers.
We are a lawyers office able to advise in more than 50 countries, from corporate to international taxation, Real Estate, Pharma, Logistics, Energy and Industry…we are in Madrid and Malaga (Spain), London (UK), Zurich (Switzerland), Lima (Peru), Santiago de Chile (Chile), San Salvador (El Salvador), so contact us if you want to work with a global lawyers desk!
Email to or calling us on 0034 911 697 113.


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