The foreign investmen in Argelia

The foreign investmen in Argelia

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In our eagerness to internationalization, Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors will expand our implementation advice and investment abroad, in this case for Algeria.

Algeria applies the classic system of the Tax on Companies. In August, 2001 there was approved the Code of Investments that regulates the investment in productive activities and of services; what he claims is not another thing that to offer advantages and incentives to the investor. The code from which we come speaking it was modified by the Finance Law of 2014.

Algeria has introduced reforms in his tributary system, for what it modifies what it concerns to the investment.

t is necessary to say that the obtaining of fiscal advantages needs the previous formulation of a declaration, giving all the necessary details brings over of the investment that is going to be realized, before the National Agency for the Development of the Investment (ANDI). We possess a term of one month (30 days) to receive of the above mentioned Agency the grant or not, being necessary that the maximum term is established to carry out the investment.

To be more specific, we will speak about the agreement that Algeria has with Spain, signed in the year 2002 and with effects from 2006, and that the model of the OECD follows.

It is necessary to speak here about the plan of five-year development (2015-2019) that follows Algeria, which can constitute one more motive for which to carry out an investment in this country. The above mentioned plan includes topics as: infrastructures of roads and public works, continuation of the process of airport modernization. It possesses attractive opportunities of investment, availability of important wealths, besides a few ambitious policies of development.

In this plan important fiscal advantages include and parafiscales that can offer up to 10 years of exemption, with additional advantages since they can be the concession of areas, by mutual agreement, for periods of 33 renewable years or the total or partial reimbursement of the expenses related to the works.

For the investors in Algeria diverse possibilities of financing exist across the public banks and can be endowed with agreements of protection and of international arbitration.

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