United States: export target

United States: export target

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American market, the most consumer in the planet, presents more expansion opportunities than elsewhere, but its strict legislation make advisable to have advice and as you know, “when you arrive, we are there”.

Talk about US market is talk of a demanding market, which requires a continuous production and ability to satisfy expert consumers accustomed to a massive products offer, so marketing, differentiation and prices are really important. Once we are ready to operate in this market, we have to keep in mind some things.

Firstly, a bureaucracy which, besides being strict, has formal particularities for each type of product that will be commercialized, as well as complicated administrative authorizations. For this reason, it could be recommendable to make a detailed study about cost and profits.

Another point couldn’t be overlooked are visas. Depending on works that you are going to develop, a commercial exchange visa could be enough, but you shouldn’t act with a tourist visa, because possible problems would close the American door to you permanently.

Finally, you don’t need to be an US citizen or resident, but a constant presence is necessary in the country, either by a physical location or by a registered agent, position which has no requirements.

Those Spanish companies that want to export to United States need to know other singularities, as the double taxation Agreement between U.S.A. and Spain, ratified in 1990, as well as Spanish entities installed in American territory. Spanish Chamber of Commerce in U.S.A., a non profit organization whose aim is to strengthen business relationships between both countries, is an example. It offers an agent service to its members free or charge.

We can advise you along your expansion process to the land of Stars and Stripes, so rely on Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors.

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