Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

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The business sphere has developed enormously in last years. Globalization has favoured the expansion of big companies all around the World, and the necessity of directives that could include these new corporate and social relationships is clear. Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors, as expert in company advice, wants to talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and its advantages.

If we want to define CSR, we can say that it is a way to manage companies, keeping in mind its relationships in its activity field, either with its costumers, its stockholders or with external scope, environment or society in general, not only according to law, but also  according to the most ethical way too.

This way, it is necessary to highlight the Good Corporate Governance Code, as we explain in previous post, a combination of advices about rules and principles which should inspire the public limited companies operations.

In addition to this code and its contents, we can also resort to the sustainability indexes, standards of listed companies around the globe which confirm that its management is responsible by advanced practises related to corporate sustainability and responsibility. To be selected as a company which accomplishes these indexes, it is necessary to overtake a test which confirms an activity based not only in financial benefits, but also social and environmental criteria.

These indexes get a capital importance, because they are analyzed by numerous companies, which are aware about the importance of achieve with them, in addition to possible investors, who value in a really positive way the combination of economical success and sustainable development. 

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