Expatriate and repatriate employees

Expatriate and repatriate employees

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At Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors we know how hard is the internationalization, for that reason in this occasion we are going to talk about expatriation and repatriation of employees.


The expatriation of employees has become an increasingly common practice in companies, under which these intended by certain time to its staff’s workers to another country.


For a professional will consider expatriate, he must meet two basic features:


- Move to a different country where he resides in a stable way for develop his professional activity.

- That the transfer extends for a period of time sufficiently long so that it affects his social or family ambience.


Specifically, we should remark that the expatriation process is composed of three distinct phases:


1. Preliminary phase: in this phase are including various practices such as selection, communication, counselling, compensation…that make up the proposal of the company and affect, likewise, in the assessment and subsequent decision to accept or not the expatriation by professionals.


2. Development phase: once accepted the proposal and already in the country of destination, continues the development phase in which analyze aspects related to the adaptation, the fulfilment of personal expectations and professional development. Sometimes, the adaptability of the expatriate in the country of destination is not easy since faces a new professional challenge in a different cultural and labour environment.



3. Repatriation phase: in this phase is studied the rehabilitation of the expatriate to his country of origin. To avoid the loss of highly skilled workers and unnecessary costs is essential that the company carried out an adequate international management of human resources ensuring that workers won’t go to another different company.


In this way, if you are thinking in the international expansion of your business,or if you are there and are you thinking in expatriate workers, in Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors, have highly qualified staff that will offer you all the required keys to give to your company the success.




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