What foreign country is safest to develop my solar business?

What foreign country is safest to develop my solar business?

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In Spanish – Report published in CV Energía – 16th February 2012
Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors advices sixteen countries located in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Juan Carlos Fernández de la Hera, Antonio Cuenca Molina and Juan Álamo Ramón – Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors – Madrid

I suppose that a lot of companies of renewable energies sector have asked themselves this question in the last years, but, especially, in the last month due to the enactment, by government, of Real Decreto Ley 1/2012. The Law Firm EVOLUTIZA advices sixteen countries located in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

 If the solar fotovoltaic energy had gone through several setbacks, the approval of RDL has been the final shot. All experts agree that this measure is already causing negative impacts in the fotovoltaic sector, that previously they had been already produced, and they aggravate even more the present situation like job losses, economic losses, business closures, etc.

With the target of look for some solution, a lot of companies started some time ago to look for business abroad. Some companies found it, but others did not dare to take that step and decided to wait. In these moments, the situation has become so complicated that the solution of go at the international market is a great option.

However, it arises one question, where do I go?, what country can actually offer me a place in the market? It is true that anybody has a magic wand but the law firm Evolutiza, company which provide legal and tax advice in different sectors, among themselves the renewables, has done a serie of studies about real chances of business that a certain number of countries, in a global level, can offer to the Spanish companies.

In the meeting, which took place yesterday in a hotel of Madrid, the director partner of Evolutiza, Juan Álamo, revealed the name of sixteen countries “that we advice to be the most interesting for the execution of projects and opportunities of business for manufacturers and distributors in the solar fotovoltaic sector.

In the case of Europe, the law firm bets for Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Austria, Holland and United Kingdom. In America, Evolutiza sees more business possibilities in USA, México, Perú, Ecuador, and Chile. In the African continent, Israel, Morocco and South Africa are good opportunities, and in the case of Asia the key is India.

In the most of these countries, the ease to get licences and, even, financing, is a fact like in the case of USA and India. Some of them, the possibility of developing solar installations, overall of small power, is very high like Romania, Croatia, Ecuador, Chile or Israel. Others are characterized by their stability like Austria, Holland and United Kingdom. In others, all is still to do, like it happens inSouth Africa, and in another countries, the chances for doing business are very interesting always that it knows to choose a partner who guides you by the good road, like is the case of Morocco.

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