Innovations in the average environmental sector and I+D+I

Innovations in the average environmental sector and I+D+I

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The recent reforms in the Law propitiate the appearance of diverse offers to stimulate the sector I+D+i and to facilitate the environmental investments in Spain. From Evolutiza Lawyers and Tax Advisors we say to you which.


Provided that they are the companies the major influential of our environment, it is in the Law of Companies where we find the fiscal incentives which purpose is not other one that her of “rewarding” to all those companies that take part in the maintenance and protection of the same one, which supposes an interesting route to promote the environmental investment in the companies.

The legal frame in which these incentives are established is the Legislative Royal decree 4/2004, Royal decree 1777/2004 and the Law 2/2011 of sustainable Economy.

With these measures beneficial what is claimed is to avoid or to reduce the air or acoustic pollution that comes from the industrial parks, the pollutant load in the water and to favor the recovery, reduction or the correct treatment of the industrial residues.

The benefit of these deductions carries on the other hand the fulfillment of a few requirements, between which we can stand out the fact that the investment should be realized to improve the environmental situation, in addition the company has to realize a series of programs, plans or agreements together with the Environmental Administration where there takes form quite that activity that it wants to develop. When the analysis has been done, a certification is granted to give validity to the plan.

Given the importance and the future that has the sector of the development and the innovation especially in relation to the renewable energies, is and one is employed very much at the same one, being prominent between other many advances, the creation of a common frame at which all the energies are employed together and this facilitates his development, to facilitate and to promote the participation of Spain inside the European programs of investigation or to simplify the bureaucratic procedures in order that the frame of financing is more agile and there could be major benefit, between others.

To finish, we have to add that Spain is one of the countries with a system of fiscal deductions for I+D+i of the most favorable of the world, being able to reach up to 42 % of the expenses, which makes us see the great opportunity that supposes developing in this sector.

If these interested in collaborating with the environment simultaneously that to develop and you stimulate your company you do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you.

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