ICT sector in 2016

ICT sector in 2016

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The expansion process of ICT companies seems to have no limit. As lawyers specialized in ICT, we want to give an overall view about what next year predict.

The technological progress has caused that people and companies have linked their activities to technology inevitably. It is evident that it cause that companies dedicated to Information and Communications Technology face a high demand for their services. What does this suppose? What will it suppose in 2016?

It we talk about labour sphere, job offers in this sector have increased along this year more than a fifty percent regarding last year. ICT sector is near to full employment figures, a trend that doesn’t have signs to change, this sector has progressed a lot, and this projection is maintained.

In economic terms, estimations assume that in 2016, ICT companies could be a 3.1 % of Spanish GDP, figures which rise again year after year.

Law is facing some challenges related to ICT which we should not forget, challenges

that constitute a pending task. Among them, we have to highlight that Administration of Justice  have to adapt itself to new electronic communications systems, improving efficiency in its process, or the correct incorporation, investigation and penalization of technological felonies in our law.

In short, despite technological advance in last decades, there is much to improve and to work about, so ICT sector is a good place to do business and invest. If you have any doubt, we will be glad to advise you.


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