Iberoamerican perspective 2016

Iberoamerican perspective 2016

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Latin America has been an investment focus in recent years, which has a really positive economic growth with Brazil as an emerging power forward, but, which are the predictions for 2016? From Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors, as expert advising companies, particularly in their way to Latin America, we want to outline its current economic condition.

It is not a secret that the region growth has suffered a deceleration, getting to negatives values in last year 2015, behind OECD countries average. There are several factors which have contributed to this negative growth: a weaker global growth, the fall in raw material prices and important countries which are experienced difficulties, as Venezuela, Argentina or Brazil.

However, not all predictions are bad. Now, emerging powers could get together to find solutions, and at this point, Latin America and Chinawant to converge, making an effort in product diversification, modernization and integration. The existing proponents, as Mercosur o CARICOM, could play a essential role to make these efforts easier.

The future ofLatin Americadepends on understanding which the new necessities of the big Asian country which are, for example, agricultural industry or services. In addition, effective politics and strategies to improve human capital competitiveness should be carried out.Chinais already working in this point. 200 million Chinese citizens will have tertiary studies in 2030, according to estimations.

In summary, links betweenChinaand Latin American have to narrow and follow the appropriate steps to its optimization. Turning to the most favorable industries besides alleviating the infrastructure deficiencies could mean taking the most out of new Chinese situation.

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