Motivated workers: Gamification

Motivated workers: Gamification

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The perfect merger between leisure and obligation… In Evolutiza Lawyers and Tax Advisers we teach you to develop of this new technology known as GAMIFICATION, with great success in the managerial world.

The gamification term that arises in 2002, tries to unite the motivating potential that the video games generate with activities of other areas, that is to say, to apply the video game to the real world.

The sectors of application of the gamificación can divide in 3: marketing, formation and improvement of low work performance.

Even it does relatively little, the big brands were using specifically to improve his technologies of marketing, since it was allowing them to interact, to approach furthermore the consumers, obtaining big results.

But in the last years, there has been verified that the gamification is very useful in order to attack the labor problems related to the lack of interest and motivation, managing to increase this way formation and performance. The fact of including in the formation or in the own work elements of leisure it generates a positive effect in the workers who are translated in a major performance of the worker and in a major stability of the insole, facts that reverberate positively to the company, since these are the major problems that are in the habit of having the big companies.

The technologies that the gamification uses we can summarize them of the following way: to offer attractions for the development of tasks, to promote the participation, to promote the creativity. The results we can summarize in the creation of the strongest and solid links, loyalty of users and clients as well as of workers.

In Evolutiza Lawyers and Tax Advisors already we have applied technologies of gamification, so much in our equipment as with our clients obtaining proved very beneficial. If you have problems with your insole or simply you want to improve the performance and the commercial results do not hesitate to contact us, we have equipment ready to help yourself.

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