Panel discussion with construction companies

Panel discussion with construction companies

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On 20th September 2012, our office carried out, jointly with IPEX, a panel discussion with construction and real state companies, on current situation in mentioned sectors in countries of Central Europe andEastern Europe.


In collaboration with the Institute of Exterior Promotion of Castilla-La Mancha Region, it was carried out this panel discussion, manged by Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors, in which it was analyzed the opportunities of internationalization of Spanish companies in the construction and real estate markets inSwitzerland,AustriaandGermany.


During the meeting, it was exposed the main conditionants of these markets, the current situation of supply and demand, the perception of Spanish products, the competitive advantages of Spanish companies and future prospects of Central European markets. The real estate and construction inCentral Europe, strongly stable and consolidated sectos, are an option for Spanish companies seeking access to highly professionalized sectors that maintain stable activity levels.


Similarly, it was analyzed the situation in other Eastern European markets, European periphery and other emerging markets.

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