Sharing economy: Legal issues

Sharing economy: Legal issues

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Technological evolution accelerates many processes and creates new realities in almost every sector. Sharing economy is another example about how the technology influences economy. As usual, our lawyers at the forefront of the industry…

The concept of “sharing economy” encompasses so much aspect that it is really difficult to delimit it, but if we want to define it, we could say that it is “an economic system where goods and services are shared and exchanged through digital platforms. In a easier way, it brings in touch people who have a good or can provide a service with people who need them, it could be a car for a particular journey, available lodgings for one day, spaces to work or certain goods.

The most impressive thing in this new concept is the change which suppose in the old possessory concept attached to human beings, so relations based on cooperation and sharing, which were infrequent up to now, are increasing.

Which problems could this new phenomenon bring? Apparently, these platforms only produce profits to their users, however, they generate some juridical and tax problems that are not solved yet.

First of all, the platforms which make exchanges possible usually get benefits as intermediaries, profit which should pay taxes. It has many controversial aspects if we keep in mind that two citizens from different countries could come into contact through a company established in a third country.

In second place, we have juridical problems too, because some platforms could be favouring agreement between individuals which contravenes the laws (for example, in New York is illegal rent an apartment for less than 30 days), or they could put some sectors at a disadvantage, committing unfair competition (For instance, there are platforms to share cars which have been sued by collective of taxi drivers).

In Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors we want to be at the cutting-edge of technology and economy. Sharing economy has burst in to stay here. Its levels of acceptance are getting higher and higher, so we will follow its evolution and we will report each juridical or tax changes.

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