Your company, that great stranger

Your company, that great stranger

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In Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors, such as a specialized firm in commercial field, can’t ignore the importance of knowing the business in depth, it is the only way to get a guaranteed success.

In that line, and in this article we will try the famous compliance and the importance of audits  in our companies, always intended to get the most performance reducing risks to a minimum.

As far as compliance is concerned, it is nothing more than a review of a series of standards and best practices, in order to adapt the company to the fulfillment of them. While at first glance seems simple, experience has shown us that it can be difficult if not conducted pursuant to adaptation plan. All these measures which, as we have been expressing are intended not only to comply with the law but also facing the management of the different aspects of it.

Apart from the figure of compliance, which as we have seen becomes essential for an employer whether large medium or small, we also highlight the figure of Risk Prevention. This figure is to minimize the level of risk of the company and also make a forecast of future risks that the company may be.

Therefore, we could say that while the intended compliance law enforcement, risk prevention aims to avoid default and other risks through the observance.

Well, as we see from the manifested, the compliance is a figure with a long future ahead, finding now developing, which will involve the conversion into competitive advantage of what in principle are certain obligations that may even be annoying, awards a ethical companies that is much needed and will cause companies to realize their social responsibility.

In Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors we follow the famous “prevention is better than cure”, do not be caught off guard, contact us.

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