Litigation Funding: a new way of litigating

Litigation Funding: a new way of litigating

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From Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors we do not rest in the search for alternatives that citizens have access to justice.In this sense, being aware that the new Law on Fees, court costs have increased in Spain generating a deterrent effect on the client when deciding to litigate or not.

Thus, being aware of this indirect defenselessness, from Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors, proposes a possible solution to safeguard their interests. This solution is managing your case through an investment fund for litigation and lawsuits.

The Investment Fund for litigation and lawsuits, is a  well known solution in the Anglo-Saxon law and has great possibility of success in the Spanish legal system, since the relationship between funded and background is nonexistent beyond related financing strictly maintaining the autonomy and independence of the litigants. So this new form of litigation has all the procedural safeguards of our system.

Please consult the viability of this form.

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