Business in Mexico

Business in Mexico

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Mexico is a great economic power. Many factors make the state one of the thirteen most attractive places in the world for business. It is the 13theconomy in the world by GDP forecasts for 2015 by the IMF.

The country has always been present in globalization, but its internationalization dates back to the eighties, when a neoliberal economic model was introduced. This is characterized by policies of market liberalization and deregulation. Mexico was ranked as one of the world leaders in signing free trade agreements.

Since Mexico is part of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, they have signed many free trade agreements. These agreements highlight the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union and the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI). 15Free Trade Agreements with 45 countries, 31agreements on promotion and reciprocal protection of investments and 9trade agreements with ALADI.

The factors that make it attractive to Mexico are macroeconomic and political stability, low inflation, and easier access to the Mexican domestic market, low labor costs and highly skilled workers. The increase in foreign trade with the Inca country is a result of changes in the Foreign Investment Law. This law establishes the exceptions of foreign investment participation

The economic potential of the country lies with the natural resources that contribute to the development of various economic sectors. Is notably, the mining sector for wealth in silver and copper; biotechnology, energy sector in general and renewable energy in particular.

Although not all foreign investment may invest there because of the limitations and prohibitions provided the LIE.

Some activities reserved exclusively to the state are oil and hydrocarbons; petrochemical; generation of nuclear energy and radioactive minerals.

This issue is one of the biggest barriers to investment in Mexico.

Because it is facilitates economic rigidity and reduced foreign investment.
The sectors driving the economy of Mexico in 2015 are the automotive, tourism and energy sector.

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