Foreign investment in China

Foreign investment in China

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One of the engines of the Asian giant relentless progress is foreign investment. Now, its intention is to lessen industrial development obstacles, which mean a great opportunity. “When you arrive, we are there”, so let’s take advantage of those opportunities thatChina affords.



The Chinese government is carrying out many measures to encourage foreign investment, especially after stock-market incident in recent weeks. The bet is clear: make foreign investor inclusion possible, under the same conditions with local entrepreneurs to facilitate their establishment.


Firstly, one measure that has been made, which could be called pilot experience, are free trade agreements areas. These areas were founded in2013 in Shanghái,Tianjin,Guangdong andFujian. Companies’ establishment procedures, for example, are infinitely simplified, and it is possible to set up a company in 4 days, far away from 30 days which are necessary to set up in other areas. In addition, there aren’t only entrance facilities, they also want local enterprises to find an appropriate place to export their products and services.


Another change is Catalogue for foreing Invertment reform, introducing novelties which modifies existing restrictions in this area, opening the door to e-commerce or tea cultivation, and other sectors. And it isn’t all, bureaucratic machines are affected by this reform too.


Finally, we have to mention that other measures, which could be a problem to foreign investor, have been removed, as the principle of free movement of capital or abolition of those rules which have regulated foreign investment up to now. This will make possible that all companies are “domestic companies”, to get the aim of avoiding inequalities.


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